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Mercury Retrograde

Posted by Sandra Hickey on

This Mercury Retrograde is hitting hard!

I know you have probably heard of retrograde, but if you want to know what it means, especially for Libra, here's the details. 

Mercury retrograde planet Mercury appeaes to be spinning backwards

So what is retrograde? Three times a year the planet Mercury appears to travel backwards in our sky.

Planets move from East to West around the Sun. During Mercury retrograde, Mercury's short orbit of just 88 days compared to ours of 365, means it appears to move backwards, from West to East. From earth, it appears to be spinning backwards.

During this time of apparent backwards movement- called retrograde- the areas of life that Mercury rules; including travel, communication, and technology, are all disrupted.

Have you been having problems with your devices the past week? We have gone through 3 new phone chargers trying to charge devices nothing will stay charged, Ive had emails left in my outbox that would normally just send, our tracking system went down over the weekend and my son lost half his Minecraft buildings ( can you imagine, major melt down. )

It's hard not to notice the global technological communication outage too 😯 and I'm blaming it all on Mercury! 

If you didn't already know, this Mercury Retrograde is in the sign of Libra, so If you're Libra you might be feeling it extra hard.  ♎  I have THREE Libra in my house and the energy is so out of sync right now.


Maybe that's why it's hitting Instagram hard too—because @instagram is a Libra. Wait, what? Let me explain.

The Sun was in Libra, Mercury was in Libra, and Saturn was in Libra when Instagram was "born" on October 6 2010. So that makes Instagram and its energy: Libra. 

Retrograde will affect us all though and if you have noticed a struggle with tech, relationships or travel plans lately you may be feeling out of balance. 

So what can you do? Everything serves a purpose and the purpose of a retrograde Mercury is to make you slow down a bit, reflect, reconnect with yourself, work on communicating your emotional needs, find out what it is you need to function better. Its a great time to use your Lullaby Milk Bath to cleanse, calm and reconnect. 

Go to your crystal collection to clear the cosmic clutter and bring balance.

The best Crystals for helping you beat this retrograde:

Selenite: To clear and cleanse. Selenite will cleanse your aura and also your other crystals. It is excellent at removing stagnant energy and helping you move forwards.

Turquoise: Pent up emotions come back to the surface during Mercury retrograde, as we are reminded something in our past that still niggles at us. (Don't be surprised to have contact or some kind of mental interruption from an ex ) Turquoise will help you to release this unwanted energy, soothe any anger and let go of bitterness. Closure my friend. Closure 🙌

Black Onyx: Speaking of all things negative, ( bye bye toxic ex) Black Onyx is a little gem for protecting you from negative energy. It will absord the toxic emotions and bad vibes that hold you back from living your best life in happiness and joy. A must have for any crystal first aid kit. 

Amethyst: Not just for retrograde. 💜 The most beautiful lavender coloured calming crystal. We tuck an amethyst into every Lullaby Gift Box to help you find relaxation and dispell anxiety. Especially useful during retrograde to reduce work related stress brought on from communication and technology glitches.

Rose Quartz: This retrograde forces you to look inwards and work on your relationship with yourself. Rose Quartz is the crystal of love, hold it during meditation, submerge it in your Milk Bath, carry it with you and surround yourself with Love: the most powerful energy of all. 

Dont forget to cleanse your space. Use your handmade smoke stick, lavender is especially useful during retrograde, or use your Smokeless Smudge Spray for a smoke free way to banish negative energy. Lean into this retrospective vibe and take time to rest. 



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