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Shea Butter For Sun Burn

Posted by Sandra Hickey on

Prevention is always better than cure but If you have accidentally gotten too much Sun or forgotten to re apply the suncream, your skin might be feeling a little tight or slightly scorched right now.

The good news is, Shea Butter is your sun burn saviour, read on to find out why.

Shea butter's high concentration of fatty acids, antioxidants and mulititude of vitamins will help to soothe the burning sensation

The levels of vitamin A and E in shea butter also promote strong antioxidant activity; much like it's natural sun burn soothing cousin Aloe Vera, this stimulates collagen production and improves the elasticity of your skin. 

Prized for centuries in it's native Africa for it's nourishing and healing powers; shea butter also provides deep hydration to prevent peeling, cracking and possible infection.

Playing a crucial role in moisturising your sunburn, preventing the skin from becoming dry, shea butter will reduce inflammation, ease pain and restore skin balance.

Don't use petroleum- or oil-based ointments, which may trap the heat and make the burn worse, your skin needs to breathe. It's also important to  drink plenty of water, as sunburn dehydrates you.

Stay Hydrated

Delphine J. Lee, MD, PhD, dermatologist, and director of the Laboratory for Cancer Research at JW Cancer Institute explains, "Sunburn draws fluid to the skin surface and away from the rest of the body. "

Not only are you suffering from sunburn, but you're drying up inside, which can escalate to a serious medical issue. Now more than ever, for the next few days, keep your skin and yourself hydrated. 

 To Use:

Take a scoop of your room temperature Shea butter and apply liberally, can be used to head to toe. Leave to nourish your skin overnight. For best results use after a cool Milk Bath ( Lullaby is our favourite) or aromatherapy shower to soothe and lock in moisture. Avoid exposing sun burned skin to the Sun's rays completely, and ensure to increase your SPF application for next time. 


Milk Bath Shea Butter is sustainably sourced from Ghana. Refined 100% organic pure shea with no added ingredients. 


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