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Smoke Cleansing

Posted by Sandra Hickey on

Smoke cleansing is an ancient ritual with it's roots in Native American culture. For thousands of years the burning of herbs has been used to dispell negativity and evoke positive energy all over the world. 

Smudging is closely related to the Egyptian burning of incense, and the Catholic burning of benzoin, frankincense & myrrh especially at funerals, where the smoke depicts prayers of the faithful rising to heaven.

In France, rosemary and thyme were burned in hospitals in an effort to keep the air clean and prevent contagion. The ancient Gaelic ritual of Saining involved burning of Juniper in another smoke purification ritual. 

Smudging is, in simplest terms, the burning of natural botanicals for a specific reason or intention. The most common herbs used are; 

🌿Sage: for purification and clearing negative energy

🌿Lavender : for tranquility, balance and peace

🌿Rosemary: for strengthening memory, protecting space. 

Use your herb bundles to cleanse a space, person,  object or your own self. Remember it is a sacred ritual, not be rushed. You can add Smudging to a meditation or bathing ritual to amplify your intentions. Some people smudge weekly, some monthly or whenever they feel energy needs to be cleared. You decide what works for you. 

Suggested Smudge Ceremony for Sage or Lavender Smudge Sticks. 

~ Open doors and windows to allow negativity to flow out and positivity in. Don't include infants, elderly, pregnant people or anyone with respiratory issues when burning herbs.

~Focus on your specific goal, your intention. This can be anything you feel you need. Blessing a new home, clearing bad vibes, releasing your own negativity, overcoming a challenge or becoming more motivated and focused.

~Notice your breathing. 

~Light your smudge stick at one end and holding over your shell ceramic or heat proof bowl, blow out the flame. It should smolder and smoke not flame.

The use of a shell in your ceremony calls upon all four elements, herb bundles are the Earth, the lighting of them is Fire, the large scallop shell represents the Water and Air is depicted by the smoke rising. 

Traditionally, abalone shells are used in smudging, this sustainable affordable alternative works just as well. Large scallop Shell to hold your smouldering herb bundle in your palm as you cleanse.

~Encircle the smoke around yourself first, carefully. 

~Start at the door of the space you want to cleanse and move around the perimeter paying attention to corners, open wardrobes and waft smoke carefully over any objects you would like purified. 

~Lay your crystals out in simple form or in a grid and waft the smoke over them to remove the negative energy they have filtered.

~Repeat your intentions as you do this. 

~Use the smoke to create a blessed space for your meditation or bathing.

~Visualise the smoke carrying away the stagnant and negative energy, leaving you space cleansed and energised.

~When you are finished, extinguish your smudge stick fully, by pressing into sand or dry soil, make sure it is completely snuffed out before you leave unattended. 

~ Now is a good time for slow mindful bathing, as you submerge in your home element of water. Try meditation, a long shower or some journalling. Your goals are manifesting and your space is cleared of negativity. 


Sustainably sourced, hand tied, Reiki charged Milk Bath Smudge Sticks are now available, and this smoke cleanse also works well with Cleanse smokeless spray when burning is an option.



 xx Sandy xx



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