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Soothe ~ Organic Irish Oats

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100% Irish Gluten Free Organic Oats.

Soothe and protect delicate skin. Deeply hydrate, heal and create a protective barrier with these skin-loving avena sativa nourishing oats, widely used to treat eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and acne

We source premium oats, from a certified organic and gluten free Irish farm, we send them to you in sustainable, recycable packaging.

Each 200g pouch comes with a wooden scoop and your choice of Exfoliating Sisal or Gentle Soft Cotton bag. 

Submerge your oat bag in water and apply the Nourish oat milk to hands that are dry from sanitiser and feel them  soften. 

Your Nourish Oat bags can be used with any of your Milk Bath blends or on their own. 

Pour 5 - 10 scoops of nourishing oats into your bag to use in the bath shower or foot spa.