~ Replenish ~ Pink Himalayan Salt

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100% Premium grade pure Pink Himalayan salt. 

Mined in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, Replenish Pink Himalayan Salt is the perfect addition to your self care bathing ritual. This pink himalayan salt was formed by the evaporation of an ancient ocean millions of years ago, before modern day chemicals or pullutants ever existed.

Treasured for its trace mineral content and prized by spirtual healers for its high vibration, this pink salt actually has colors ranging from light white and pale pink to deep dark red and is regarded a healing crystal in it's own right. 

Replenish Pink Himalayan salt has over 80 trace minerals and works with the largest organ of the body; the skin, for an immensely relaxing and restorative soak.

Use with any of your Milk Baths or on its own. Be sure to add resuseable Rose Petals and Orange slices for a truly luxurious experience .

Each big 300g recyclable pouch comes with a wooden scoop and instructions for use.