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It's your time to shine! 

This Self Care gift set is a reminder that you can be anything you want to be in this life! Believe in yourself and dream big! 

Filled with handcrafted natural rituals and a healing crystal to empower and uplift, lovingly handtied with a ready to write gift tag. 

💫 Manifest natural Milk Bath with cleansing Sage & Clarity Loving Bergamot essential oils, high vibrational mineral salts, skin nourishing organic oats. Immerse yourself in Nature and wash away daily negative energy. 

💫 Hand poured natural Manifest soap, to remind you of your intentions every time you wash your hands.

💙 Cleanse crystal infused Smokeless Smudge Spray, for those times you cannot burn sage this natural spray made with crystal infused moon water will clear your space of negativity, ready for the abundance that is coming. 

💫 Hand chosen high grade crystal, charged under a full moon for divine femine energy. 

💙Intuitively chosen Affirmation card, from one of the decks I use myself, my gift to you, to support your Manifesting. 

Add a Sweet Orange Milk Bath Bubble Bomb for an all natural abundance of bubbles. 

Ready to Write Gift Tag, send direct and I will write your message for you