Black Magic

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A deep cleansing, enchanting ritual bath. Our unique blend of real milk, Irish organic oats & mineral salts with the added benefits of 100% natural Activated Charcoal. 

An intoxicating infusion of lavender, tea tree & mint essential oils creates the perfect space for manifesting, moon bathing and total relaxation. 

Add handcut Orange Slices & real preserved Rose Petals provide a natural luxurious flourish, or a soft cotton shower pouch to use your Milk Bath blend in the shower. 

Hand crafted for you with positive energy and intention. Add to cart now and start your journey to healthier skin and a happier version of you. 

Cosmetically Tested & Certified. Suitable for use during pregnancy after the 1st trimester and from 6 months old for infants. As always if you have any concerns or health issues during pregnancy discuss with your midwife / consultant / GP before introducing new products.