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Holistic Tools

Carefully curated selection of high grade healing crystals and hand tied smudge sticks.

Full instructions provided with all smudge sticks,

Crystals presented in individual organza bags with an informative Crystal Guide card. 



~Smudging is the scared practice of burning fragrant herbs. The ritual originated at the dawn of our time and is practiced by many cultures.

The ancient Celts had a practice of Saining, that involved sprinkling water from a river or a stream, combined with burning juniper to bless and protect, consecrate a home or person.

Catholics are familiar with the scents of burning frankincense and myrrh in church, a practice that dates back to the Old Testament. 

Smudging, though, is most associated with northern Native American traditions. Sage is not the only herb used in smudging ceremonies; cedar, tobacco, yarrow and sweetgrass also abound. Modern day smudge sticks feature Rosemary, Juniper, Lavender and more.

Smudging is often done to mark the beginning of ceremonies. The clouds of smoke are used to bathe away negative energies and to purify spaces, and people. The herbs are often placed in a shell or fireproof container and lit. 

Once alight the flame is blown out and the herbs smolder and smoke. 

All your Milk Bath smudge Sticks are hand crafted by me,  with love and intention; to bring you peace, comfort, and positive energy. 

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