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Cherish Milk Bath - Large 150g Pouch

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Introducing your new Milk Bath pouch. X 1.5 times as much Milk Bath powder as a standard pouch, making up to 3 baths. With new beautiful botanicals and real whole rose petals, for the Milk Bath luxury you deserve. 

The scent? Well it's  just amazing.

Frankincense essential oil, renowned for it's relaxing and grounding properties and treasured by ancient civilisations. It is perfectly paired with the delicate loving tones of a stone rose. 

Cherish Milk Bath is the comfort and love your body and spirit has been craving. A truly holistic bathing experience, promoting restful sleep, self love and gratitude. All the while, the Milk Bath blend will gently exfoliate and deeply hydrate your skin.

Make time to cherish those special moments of self care and come back home to yourself.