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Herb Garden Shower Bundle

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Bringing the natural beauty and the wonderful aromatics of a country Herb Garden into your home. 

Inhale the steam-released Essential oils and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of these hand chosen herbs and  fragrant baby blue eucalyptus.

Flowering Wild thyme, Rosemary, Lavender and Eucalyptus are hand-tied in a beautiful bundle making every shower an uplifting self love experience.

Included with each Herb Garden Shower Bundle, 100% Natural Herb Garden Essential Oil Mist, use to prolong the aroma of your Shower bundle. 

Tied with natural twine, we honour and respect mother nature and future generations every step of the way. 

Send as a beautiful gift and I will tuck in a hand written note, simply add your message at checkout.  

Herb Garden Mist 10ml




Hang Shower Bouquet from Shower head out of stream of water and squeeze gently to promote aroma before showering. Use Herb Gabrden Mist to boost scent naturally, spray on shower bouquet as needed. 

This is a natural product and herbs and flowers will dry when hung up. Use the essential oil spray to naturally enhance aroma. If you prefer to keep your Herb Garden Shower Bouquet fresher for longer, cut the stems and store in fresh water between showers.