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Chakra Chroi Shower Steamer

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Infuse your shower with a mist of lovingly luxurious essential oils. 

Place a handcrafted shower heart on the floor in your shower,  and as it melts, the purest blend of essential oils will be released, surrounding you in a mist of pure luxury.


Lightly floral ylang ylang, uplifting peppermint and soothing white thyme are carefully formu to create the perfect blend. Effective from the first use, you will feel instantly more relaxed, more loved and more uplifted. 

Your choice 

Try an Indivudual Shower Steamer or choose one of our exquisite gifting options, perfect for exclusively shower users. The luxury Shower Gift set reveals a trio of heart shaped shower steamers, a handcrafted rose quartz pillow most, and a handmade natural heart soap. 


For Bath lovers please see the rest of the collection where you will find an abundance of luxury bathing options. 

1 - 3 showers from each heart shaped shower steamer. 

Consult your health care provider before use during pregnancy.