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It all starts with Self Care. You can only Manifest your dreams when you believe in your own worth.

Take the time to honour yourself and give your tired body and busy mind the love and kindness you always give to others.  

Bathe, and allow your skin to drink up this decadent milk, soothe and nourish with Irish organic oats, replenish and raise your vibration with the highest grade mineral epsom and dead salts.

Cleansing sage and clarity loving Bergamot essential oils combine to help you to release negativity, focus on your goals and Manifest the life of your dreams.

Real whole preserved rose petals; because you're stepping into your higher power now. 

Choose from Irish grass fed cows milk or Vegan Coconut Milk. 



Due to Sage essential oil,  Manifest is not suitable for use during pregnancy. Remove bath botanicals and rinse tub  after bathing to prevent staining.