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Natural Sisal Pouch

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The perfect way to enjoy your Milk Bath products between your ritual bathing escapes. 

Pour some of your Milk Bath blend into the sisal pouch, then squeeze and stroke over your skin as you shower to relase the skin loving ingredients and natural fragrances.

Gently exfoliating, skin nourishing and depending on your choice; uplifting, reviving or relaxing. 

Pop in one of your natural Milk Bath hand poured soaps for an amazing lather and extra bubbles while you shower or bathe.

For an awakening morning, use with invigorating Tea Tree & Mint Milk Bath blend or Soap, Pure Oats when you simply want to nourish and Lullaby Lavender to promote restful slumber. 

Our sisal pouches are 100% natural and biodegradable. 

Simply rinse after use and hang to dry.