Pumpkin Spice Gift Set

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Send this gift to someone you love this Autumn. A reminder that change is beautiful and as part of nature, like the trees, we too need rest. Handwritten note card included with every order, add to cart and let me know your message at checkout. 


Made with pure essential oils and natural ingredients, this handmade gift evokes all the stunning colours of Mother Nature and reminds us that change is beautiful. 

With the power of aromatherpay, cinnamon, clove and ginger essential oils will calm the nervous system, balance moods and provide comfort as the evenings draw in. 

What's inside:

🍂Skin loving Pumpkin Spice Milk Bath, made with milk, oats, and mineral salts to nourish dry skin, gently remove dead skin cells, ease aches and promote restful sleep after bathing.

🍂Preserved reusable Oak leaves, to scatter over your Bath, aromatic and beautiful, a reminder that change is okay and that even the trees need to rest. 

🍂Bubble bomb will create an abundance of soft foam. Free from harsh sulfates, the bubbles are created from a natural plant based ingredient. Use on it's own or with Pumpkin Spice Bath Milk.

🍂Handmade Natural Pumpkin Spice Soap.Enriched with Irish Oats and glycerin to leave your hands feeling soft and nourished. Pumpkin Spice essential oil blend to evoke all the cosy aromas that you love, every time you wash your hands. Use in the shower, bath or sink for warming Autumnal aromatherapy.

🍂 Pumpkin Spice Shower Steamer. A therapeutic alternative to bathing. Harness all the Autumnal aromatherapy as you shower. Use on Autumn mornings to wake you up like your favourite pumpkin spice latte, or when you come home after work to comfort you and release  stress, unwind and settle in for the night. 




Consult with midwife/gp before use during pregnancy.