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Rose Garden with Real Rose Petals

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The natural scent of roses is scientifically proven to release endorphins and the love hormone oxytocin. This all natural decadent Milk Bath will envelope you in feelings of self love.  

Float away your worries in this beautiful rose scented Milk Bath. Scatter your real natural rose petals over the healing waters, and step into your skin loving luxurious soak. 

Your body will absord the minerals from Epsom & Dead Sea salts, whilst Irish organic oats will gently exfoliate and soothe your skin.

You will emerge anew. Silky soft, smelling of roses, with a new found love for yourself. 

Real Rose petals provided with every Rose Garden Milk Bath


Guaranteed Irish, all natural and handmade in North County Dublin. Add to cart now and we will start creating your beautiful bathing experience for you. 


Cosmetically Tested & Certified. Suitable for use during pregnancy after the 1st trimester and from 6 months old for infants. As always if you have any concerns or health issues during pregnancy discuss with your midwife / consultant / GP before introducing new products.