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Irish Oak Milk Bath

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Immerse yourself in nature. For your convenience, this Milk Bath can be used in both the bath and shower. A soft cotton shower pouch means you can create a decadent shower milk if you don't have time or space to bathe. Each pouch contains enough for one Bath & 2 showers.

Mindfully handcrafted with all-natural skin loving Irish ingredients, Irish Oak will nourish and protect your skin. A bespoke blend of essential oils will ground you, restoring calm and re-connecting you with nature.

You will bathe, with real Oak leaves and handcut orange slices. Turn on your Nature Sounds playlist that comes with your Milk Bath and relax, as if amongst magical forest fairies and mythical woodland creatures. You WILL emerge restored and empowered, I promise you that. 

Nurture yourself with an all natural Irish Oak Milk Bath, order yours now.